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Sunday, July 24, 2011

City Hunter (Korean Drama)

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 Assalamualaikum w.b.t

My ohhh my.Got addicted with this korean drama ever since a friend of mine introduced it to me.Yeah the popular drama in Korean (I think quiet popular..^^) City Hunter starring Lee min Hoo as (Lee Yoon Sung) and Park Min Young as (Kim Na Na).

This story tells us about getting revenge of Lee Min Hoo father who die in the war. To fulfill his desire, he works at the Blue House's Nation Communication Network team and received his higher education from M.I.T.What I can say he is an expert on computer network almost like a hacker.

Meanwhile, Kim Na Na who is a former judo works as a bodyguard of President of Blue House. The two met inside the Blue House and involved in love triangle and crisis which include the Prosecuter Lee Joon Hyuk as (Kim Young Joo).

But the most cute actress staring in this drama is Goo Ha Ra who stars as president's daughter, Choi Da Hye.So Lee Yoon Sung is hired as a computer expert and also tutor for Choi Da Hye.Quite enjoyable scene and suspense in the end of every episode.

Now,the drama is about to end and just only 2 episode left.Currently airing is the 18th episode.Now I'm sharing the link to most of the drama series.You guys can have a look at this website



By the way
You need to register 1st to gain access to download area

I think thats all i wan to share.Special thank to my friend
Nurhafiz Hashim 
for the lovely drama sharing..

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