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Monday, December 29, 2008

Beginning of a New LIfe

Well, I still manage to write. Just wanna update something. Currently, I’ve been busy with the registration things. Yup, I’m a new student now. Now, I’m furthering my study for the degree course. Still, I’m not getting used to the environment yet. Lots of things have to learn.

Well, that’s all I think. Tomorrow, I’ve to meet the dean of my faculty. Hope I have a time to update this blog…soon…

Tuesday, December 23, 2008

1st Anniversary

Happy Anniversary

Saturday, December 20, 2008

Tag Miss Nanie Ozawa

[Warning:Not suitable for the reader below 16..]

7 Metal about me:
1.Slalu pura2 tahu about somthing(bijok kokse) friends use to call me "Pembijak Upahan"..hahahaaha
2.Suka mengadap laptop...mcm laptop 2 kawan baik plak...ehehehhe
3.Berjaga malam @ pak guard umah...shift malam jer.
4.BErmain game...mmg aku gemar,ps2,pc...sume aku tibai...
5.Aku nie nk kata xsuka ngemas...suka gak...bila aku kemas...aku kemas smpai 1 rumah laa...hahahaah
6.DOwnload...mmg aku suka sgt...sume aku next time...
7.Hot tempered but then mudah jer cool......slalu hot tempered aku ngadap lappie jer

7 things that scare me alot:
1.Hilang lappie kesayangan..huk3
2.Mati dlm keadaan xsmpat bertaubat....nauzubillah
3.Losing someone i love the most....xnk3
4.Examination dlm keadaan xprepared
5.Tiba2 kena paksa kawen...ohhh tidak!!!
6.Sesat dlm hutan...mayb aku jd tarzan laa...
7.Bertemu makhluk halus.....mintak tuhan jauhkan benda2 camtu

7 songs that I love to hear:
1.Delight and Angers by IN FLAMES
2.She's wolf by MEGADETH
3.Disconnected by IN FLAMES
4.Condemned by IN FLAMES
5.Hatred between us by SLAUGHTERSOUL
6.I'm the highway by IN FLAMES
7.Hate this part by PUSSYCAT DOLL

7 Words that always came out frm my mouth:
1.Seko mung
2.Bereh bohh u

7 valuable things to me:
1.My family of course
2.My bestmate
3.My lappie
4.My best friend
5.My old jacket
6.My dvds especially tv series that i burned
7.My futsal shoes

7 Firsts
1.First time aku kenal tenet niee time form 2 xsilap bila cousin aku ckp "Nk bljar buat email x??"Aku trus ckp "Best ke email 2??Macm email 2 game plak..hihih
2.First time aku terpikat ngan gurl when I was in kindergarten....hahaha...ader laa minah niee...asyik snyum kat aku....ape lagi....naik minyak laa beb...last2 dier pndah ntah kemana...melepas...
3.First time aku kenal dunia Jamming niee...time form 2 gak.....bila kawan aku bawak aku pegi studio jamming...aku ingat disco dh....gila menakutkan tmpat 2...hihihih
4.First time I got into love things bila time form laen sibuk nk exam...aku sibuk nk bercintan cintun...hihi....budak2 katakan
5.First time kena prs ugut...time aku form 4...aku ngan kawan aku pegi kat mall...tima2 ader laa mamat niee paggl aku...ckp nk duit..kawan aku bagi...aku ckp xder duit...diorang nk hentam dh aku....last2 ngan muka ngan penuh kesian....aku ckp mmg xder duit diorang lepas...slmat...fuhhhh
6.First time tertgk benda xsnonoh bila form 2...kawan aku nie buka cite pe ntah....chinese movies xsilap...mula2 ok lagi aku layan...tiba2 ader scene pompuan expose....terkejut still layan jer...then addicted...adeiihhh truk2
7.First time aku bertumpah darah di uitm.....kawan aku kena pkul xtentu pasal oleh junior dier...giler hebat junior dier...ape lagi....recruit bdak2 bilik aku laa...pegi lawan balik...kesudahan...tangan aku bengkak laa....sakit wehh....nk tulis pn xleh

7 person will be tag:
1.My XxX - cik amie
2.Cik AJwin
3.Mr Fizz (xwajib...hehehe)
4.Miss Aida
5.Cik alia
6.Cik Hana
7.Sesiapa yg berminat

Sorry about the words n contents dlm post kali niee...Uncensored skit

Friday, December 12, 2008

Is it good to control ur couple??

Bila tgk kat title 2 cam gempak plak..haahhaha
xder laa..aku kadang2 terpikir sejenak
"Patutkah anda men"control" sgala2 terhadap pasangan anda?"
(posting ini berkaitan yg sedang couple n berkahwin)
Pada pndangan korang,patutkah perilaku sedemikian berlaku??
Rasa2 leh kena bertahan klau slalu dicontrol??

**Aku ingin tahu pendapat korang sume**
p/s:Sbnarnyer aku xleh tdo,tgh tgu subuh berkumandang time tgh buat posting niee..

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Filem Pendek Lawak

During the holiday season, when the animals of the Central Park Zoo are preparing for Christmas, Private, the youngest of the penguins notices that the Polar Bear is all alone. Assured that nobody should have to spend Christmas alone, Private goes into the city for some last-minute Christmas shopping. Along the way, he gets stuffed into a stocking. His fellow penguins venture after him after noticing his absence, and try to save him. Written by Joe Patrick Doyle

One of the Madagascar penguins feels sorry for a lonely polar bear at Christmas, so he goes to buy him a present from the town. However after being mistaken for a toy and being bought by an elderly lady, the three other penguins must save him from the evil wrath of the lady's small dog, who appears cute and cuddly on the outside, yet is evil, with menacing eyes and dagger-like teeth on the inside. The chaos and fun ensues from there, in this hilarious short by Gary Trousdale. Written by Ben

The penguins from "Madagascar" escape from the zoo to get back one of their group who has gone in search of a X-Mas present for the Polar Bear in NYC, The Old Lady has mistaken him for a toy and taken him they have to rescue him.
Credit to original uploader
from jiwang torrent

Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rahsia Perkahwinan

Muehehhehe...Kali nie alexi ingin berkongsi satu sesi ceramah yg telah di download dr laman web jiwang torrent.Lama dh nk kongsi tp xsmpat coz byk keje

so niee laa ceramahnyer,ader 2 side....njoy ekk

COnvocation day.....

Fuhhhh...So,So tired
Few days ago,I had received my scroll in my life
My Official Diploma Scroll.
Well,kind of exciting moment in my life.
For the 1st time,I finally manage to finish my diploma and now been offered to pursue
for my Degree course.
Although I got the different major - Electrical Instrumentation(before this Pure Electronic),
I'm happy to have the oppurtunity to further up my study in degree.
Hopefully,one day,I could achieve what I'm searching for to become
Okie...that all I think and there are some photos back from the convocation day
ENjoy folks!!!!

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