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Monday, January 19, 2009

Shoutbox Mod

s requested by some of my friends,I will show how to put an animation image into ur shoutbox and also the position of the shoutbox itself

This tutorial is for someone who is new in this shoutbox things!!
..The position...
1.Log in into ur blogger
2.Then,click on Layout
3.In Layout menu,click Add a Gadget
4.In there,click Html/Javascript
5.Then pop-up show.U can put the title for ur shoutbox.Copy ur Shoutbox coding
and paste it into the content in Html/Javascript
6.If u pick  Add a Gadget on ur right,then drag Html/Javascript (if u dont put title on the top of shoutbox coding) on the top or center.

..Upload the animation..
1.Search for any source of image that perform an animation
2.If u take the image in the web,copy the url of the pic
3.Then,u go to the shoutmix page n log in
4.Go to Setting:Display:Smileys
5.Paste the url of the image that u have copied into the box provided
6.Then save the setting.
7.Finally,u will get the shoutmix that full of wacky animation!!

Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Timer Cooker

HAhaha...well,that's true.This is my first time cook for almost 10 person and all my seniors,me the only one their junior.Weird huh?This is my life,living with all my snior.It's like a drama actually.BUt I can live with that.

Well to tell u the truth,I'm not very familiar with the cooking kind of thing.I always eat what my mum cook.So u all know what is like when u do something in the 1st place.So these are the things that I'm really2 suck up!!!

-Koyak bawang besar giler,org laen potong kecik2 jer
-Buat air nescafe pekat giler...mujur laa susu pekat manis membantu...Thnks F&N

So,that's all the things that I dont know how to estimate...huhuhu

Well,that's all I think..Have 2 study now...DA~~~

Tuesday, January 6, 2009

cONVOcation Pic

Hihii...stiap post 2 mesti ader pic..hahaha...xder laa aku bored jer....

Skang aku dh start blajar kat Uitm dh.Degree life is totally different from my previous education.Tough as usual..hehehe

Well,bkn yg 2 aku nk nk share pic convocation aku yg lepas...Aku br pegi ambek ngan kawan...KOrang jgn gelak ek...klau aku dh tergelak2 hahahahhaa

Laptop Skin...muehehe

Hye folks,aku saje je nie nk share2 psal laptop skin yg aku baru beli tp syg disebabkan kurang cerdik diriku ini
Maka skin 2 cam ader bubble2 skit...huk3 so aku still suka texture dier smooth jer

So nie aku nk tnjuk kat korang design kawan band kawan(aku pn involve gak laa)

Check it out 1st edition SLAUGHTER SOUL SKIN!!!

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