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Thursday, April 21, 2011

Wonderful goal from Christiano Ronaldo

Assalamualaikum w.b.t

Fantastic goal from Christiano Ronaldo(CR) that gave a winning opportunity for Real Madrid after beating Barcelona,1-0.

At first,I thought the game led to extra time.Fortunately, a great header from CR gave the chance for real madrid to win the game and won the cup.

Hoping on the next week match up with barca for UEFA Semi, Real Madrid can gives their best performance to dominate the game once again.Congratulation to Madridista

Some of the players expression after winning the game

"I am very happy. This is a very important title and our goal as well as that of the coach was to win it. We are extremely happy and now it's time to celebrate. It was a very hard match, but whoever scores wins. Mourinho is doing a great job and helping us a lot. He exudes positive energy and we feel it."

Di Maria:
"We knew we could win this title and we did it. The team's strength was unity and the desire to win this match and those on the horizon. Let's hope it continues because we are more united than ever."


"The scorer for Real Madrid"

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