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Tuesday, October 14, 2008

Respect the Eldest

After about 5 hours spending my journey from Dungun to my hometown,
Finally,I arrived home safely
Well,I just want to share something that most of us(who still called student)
have to learn how to respect someone older than us
HUrm...Few days ago,I visit my Uitm dungun,actually not just a visit.I came for a purpose to make the " Clearance" coz students who will go for their
convocation have to make the clearance before
their convocation.
So,I settle down all the things that need to be settle.
Then,meet up with my lectures n also my juniors

So,I ask them hows the new juniors now.
Personally they said,Junior nowadays have no respect among their seniors.
Even in the meeting,the fight each other in front of the lecturers n seniors
No manners n no respect at all

Well, a big surprise for me to hear that coz my batch never been in that situation.
We respect our lecturers n seniors especially.
So I told my juniors to gathers all the juniors...then make an induction for them.
FOr some good reason,induction is very important to make them realise
that they have to show some respect among eldest

In the end,juniors must respect their seniors coz there would be an advantage
if they have a good relationship with their seniors


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