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Wednesday, December 3, 2008

Rahsia Perkahwinan

Muehehhehe...Kali nie alexi ingin berkongsi satu sesi ceramah yg telah di download dr laman web jiwang torrent.Lama dh nk kongsi tp xsmpat coz byk keje

so niee laa ceramahnyer,ader 2 side....njoy ekk

COnvocation day.....

Fuhhhh...So,So tired
Few days ago,I had received my scroll in my life
My Official Diploma Scroll.
Well,kind of exciting moment in my life.
For the 1st time,I finally manage to finish my diploma and now been offered to pursue
for my Degree course.
Although I got the different major - Electrical Instrumentation(before this Pure Electronic),
I'm happy to have the oppurtunity to further up my study in degree.
Hopefully,one day,I could achieve what I'm searching for to become
Okie...that all I think and there are some photos back from the convocation day
ENjoy folks!!!!

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