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Saturday, August 30, 2008

Searching for New Work Place

Just came back from my previous work place...
Not like i don't like my previous working place...but i just receive a new call offering me a job that involve my electrical part.
So,I think why not try this job...hehehe...choosy enough rite??
Well,1 week I guess being working with my cousin.
Lot of things I've learnt during my stay there including taking order to photostat books,papers,binding the paper and lots more.
Not to mention,meeting new people kind of interesting...hehehe

But mostly,I kind of experience handling different type of customer.This show how to manage my feelings while dealing with the customers who always want the best service ever.

Hurm,I like being there and at the same time enjoy the work.Unfortunately,I got a better offer.So I came back to my hometown to start work here(if i pass the interview..hopefully)

Well,hope I can share lots of things with you all on the next post
Just want to wish u

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