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Tuesday, July 8, 2008

The Different being a student & a worker

This kind of phenomenon always keeps hitting my head.I always thinking "What is a great deal being a student and a worker?"

So after I've finished my previous Dip. Course,I normally stay at home,looking for available job around the city and found it's kind of difficult to seek for a job even though just a part time job.

NOw, I know how difficult to search n find a good job suitable with our qualification.So,I think being a student is better then being a worker coz when a comes for a student thing,we just sit in front of our desk and start studying for the exam,simple as that.

In the end,if I got the chance to pursue to study,I would rather go for it even though sometimes it's quite annoying to deal with it.Learning never end until we R.I.P...hehehehehh

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