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Thursday, January 8, 2009

First Timer Cooker

HAhaha...well,that's true.This is my first time cook for almost 10 person and all my seniors,me the only one their junior.Weird huh?This is my life,living with all my snior.It's like a drama actually.BUt I can live with that.

Well to tell u the truth,I'm not very familiar with the cooking kind of thing.I always eat what my mum cook.So u all know what is like when u do something in the 1st place.So these are the things that I'm really2 suck up!!!

-Koyak bawang besar giler,org laen potong kecik2 jer
-Buat air nescafe pekat giler...mujur laa susu pekat manis membantu...Thnks F&N

So,that's all the things that I dont know how to estimate...huhuhu

Well,that's all I think..Have 2 study now...DA~~~

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